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Hasløv & Kjærsgaard Arkitektfirma I/S is an architect office specialised in landscape planning and landscape design especially in the coastal zone. The office works for municipalities, state and private developers, domestic and foreign, with developing ideas and planning functions, including master plans, planning and design of marinas, beach parks, nature restoration, landscaping and constructions. Hasløv

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Hasløv & Kjærsgaard
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The task of the project was to design a renewal plan for the coastline of Bellevue Beach Park. The original plan was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1940, but since then several buildings have been demolished and the coastline has been altered to try and preserve the beach. The task has covered preparation of cultural

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Amager Beach Park is one of the large development projects close to the city centre of Copenhagen that has transformed the coastal landscape of the city and the island of Amager. The new Amager Beach is designed to be a very special place in the city: A large-scale landscape that provides a contrast to the density

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Overall process comprising the entire process from initial sketches to the design of new landfill and all facilities associated with the construction of the marina with a capacity of approx. 1,400 berths. The project is part of an overall development project for expansion of Prøvestenen area in Copenhagen Harbour. In connection with the construction of

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The task: To develop a new 7 km man-made landscape of coastal protection and beach park / riviera in Køge Bay from Brøndby to Hundige. The heavy urban development in Køge Bay area was intrusive to the area, and municipalities wanted to provide access for the citizens to green spaces and recreational opportunities in the

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