Køge Bay Beach

The task: To develop a new 7 km man-made landscape of coastal protection and beach park / riviera in Køge Bay from Brøndby to Hundige. The heavy urban development in Køge Bay area was intrusive to the area, and municipalities wanted to provide access for the citizens to green spaces and recreational opportunities in the area. The project was therefore in close cooperation with the municipalities affected by the functioning board of the Beach Park.

The design of the beach and architectural expression was inspired by a natural beach formation protruding relative to the shoreline that had formed outside the beach north of Køge.

The attraction is primarily the beach itself, and secondly the four ”Ports of islands”, designed by the office, with a certain regard to natural harmony with the rest of the Beach Park, with water as the characteristic landscape element.

The Beach Park dunes and spits of land included dykes, which serves as protection for the low-lying hinterland from the otherwise regular flooding. The underlying dike has therefore become an important visual part of the Beach Park’s expression.

During the design of the facility it was subject to a savings cut which led to a simplification of the system with several large lakes and a more uniform design of the surrounding dike.

In 2005 the office has been responsible for minor renovations and replacement of furniture, signage and kiosks.

Recently the office has prepared fund prospectus for
I / S Køge Bay Beach Park in order to develop the region’s sub-areas further.