Amager Beach Park

Amager Beach Park is one of the large development projects close to the city centre of Copenhagen that has transformed the coastal landscape of the city and the island of Amager.

The new Amager Beach is designed to be a very special place in the city: A large-scale landscape that provides a contrast to the density of the Copenhagen waterfront. The open sky and wide horizon offer unique experiences. Wind and weather are clearly present.

The beach park itself was completed in late summer 2005 and is now a finished, usable facility, yet a facility that engages its users in an open dialogue – and has become one of the most popular and biggest hot spots for the daily recreational life of Copenhagen inhabitants – and for visitors from all over the world.

The beach area as a whole is connected by promenades based on different architectural idioms. People can walk along the edge of the water or along various promenades in the Landscape Beach and City Beach.

The most recent addition is a new bathing pier designed by White Architects, and the Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, designed by the danish architects 3XNielsen, situated south of Amager Beach park, has just been inaugurated in the spring of 2013.