About us

Hasløv & Kjærsgaard  I/S is an architect office specialised in landscape planning and landscape design especially in the coastal zone.

The office works for municipalities, state and private developers, domestic and foreign, with developing ideas and planning functions, including master plans, planning and design of marinas, beach parks, nature restoration, landscaping and constructions.

Hasløv & Kjærsgaard serves building owners, prepares competition programmes and performs SAVE assessments, EIA assessments and landscape analyses. The office performs photorealistic visualisations and graphic illustrations of all kinds.

Hasløv & Kjærsgaard often explores different models in the context of an assignment, and attaches great importance to contributing to a qualified cooperation within the project.

The methods used often include different forms of dialogue and public participation in relation to the specific task. The employees therefore possesses both interdisciplinary skills in complex types of tasks and specific professional skills in order to provide for the best solution of each project.

Hasløv & Kjærsgaard is one of the oldest independent Danish town planning and landscape architecture offices.


Hasløv & Kjærsgaard
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Bellevue Beach Park

The task of the project was to design a renewal plan for the coastline of Bellevue Beach Park.

The original plan was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1940, but since then several buildings have been demolished and the coastline has been altered to try and preserve the beach. The task has covered preparation of cultural heritage, vision and master planning, user involvement and realization. The renewal plan includes the beach area, but not the buildings and will give the beach a new profile, outplacement of lifeguard towers (original by Arne Jacobsen) and better conditions for winter swimmers, beach guests in general and users like kayakers.

For a long time three quarters of the beach line consisted of timber sheet piles and stone settings to protect the beach from sand drift. This project restores the Bellevue Beach Park to its original intention as a recreation destination for the public with a sand bathing beach. 3 new headlands have been designed to preserve the coastline together with a new beach profile while the coastline has also been moved out 25 meters to expand the beach area. Each headland has had specific needs for specific user groups. The second has special lighting and towel racks for winter swimmers and the third has a special designed set of steps from where you can launch kayakers.

On 2 of the headlands the historic lifeguard towers have been placed with respect for the original placing by Arne Jacobsen. The towers underwent an intensive restoration themselves before being placed on the headlands.

Amager Beach Park

Amager Beach Park is one of the large development projects close to the city centre of Copenhagen that has transformed the coastal landscape of the city and the island of Amager.

The new Amager Beach is designed to be a very special place in the city: A large-scale landscape that provides a contrast to the density of the Copenhagen waterfront. The open sky and wide horizon offer unique experiences. Wind and weather are clearly present.

The beach park itself was completed in late summer 2005 and is now a finished, usable facility, yet a facility that engages its users in an open dialogue – and has become one of the most popular and biggest hot spots for the daily recreational life of Copenhagen inhabitants – and for visitors from all over the world.

The beach area as a whole is connected by promenades based on different architectural idioms. People can walk along the edge of the water or along various promenades in the Landscape Beach and City Beach.

The most recent addition is a new bathing pier designed by White Architects, and the Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, designed by the danish architects 3XNielsen, situated south of Amager Beach park, has just been inaugurated in the spring of 2013.

Copenhagen Marina

Overall process comprising the entire process from initial sketches to the design of new landfill and all facilities associated with the construction of the marina with a capacity of approx. 1,400 berths.
The project is part of an overall development project for expansion of Prøvestenen area in Copenhagen Harbour. In connection with the construction of the marina, the use of the adjacent land areas incl. proposals for landscape treatment, recreational exploits and small business locations are designed.
Proposals for buildings and comprehensive finishing’s. Infrastructure is planned incl. roads, parking and bridges.

The plant is not completed due to political decisions.

Køge Bay Beach

The task: To develop a new 7 km man-made landscape of coastal protection and beach park / riviera in Køge Bay from Brøndby to Hundige. The heavy urban development in Køge Bay area was intrusive to the area, and municipalities wanted to provide access for the citizens to green spaces and recreational opportunities in the area. The project was therefore in close cooperation with the municipalities affected by the functioning board of the Beach Park.

The design of the beach and architectural expression was inspired by a natural beach formation protruding relative to the shoreline that had formed outside the beach north of Køge.

The attraction is primarily the beach itself, and secondly the four ”Ports of islands”, designed by the office, with a certain regard to natural harmony with the rest of the Beach Park, with water as the characteristic landscape element.

The Beach Park dunes and spits of land included dykes, which serves as protection for the low-lying hinterland from the otherwise regular flooding. The underlying dike has therefore become an important visual part of the Beach Park’s expression.

During the design of the facility it was subject to a savings cut which led to a simplification of the system with several large lakes and a more uniform design of the surrounding dike.

In 2005 the office has been responsible for minor renovations and replacement of furniture, signage and kiosks.

Recently the office has prepared fund prospectus for
I / S Køge Bay Beach Park in order to develop the region’s sub-areas further.